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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines All ads must conform to the guidelines listed by D1Baseball.com. All creative material is subject to D1Baseball.com approval, and elements that don’t meet our criteria will be returned for revision. Ad creative must be submitted in accordance to the schedule outlined below in order to enable thorough testing and production prior to launch. Ads utilizing rich media (Flash, HTML5) must provide an alternate image file that fits our GIF/JPG guidelines as a backup for browser support. Approved final versions of ads and their redirect URL(s) must be provided to D1Baseball.com no later than 10 BUSINESS DAYS prior to launch. Requirements

  • Creative files (GIF, JPG, SWF)
  • Alternate text (if applicable)
  • Redirect URL
  • Rich Media: Must provide FLA, SWF, AS, image, uncompressed media, all font files used, and any other source files used to build the files delivered.
  • D1baseball.com may also request an interim review of creative before it’s finalized in order to ensure that it follows these guidelines.

Creative Guidelines

  • All ads must be IAB compliant with their Ad Unit Guidelines.
  • D1baseball.com limits all animation, even when subtle, to a maximum of 15 seconds. Animation may resume with mouse over, but most stop immediately upon mouse off.
  • Audio in advertising is only allowed when initiated by a click that a reasonable person would expect to trigger audio. Users will retain the option to mute audio at all times.
  • Ads must be clearly differentiated from page content either through a defined linear or graphical border, a solid contrasting background color, or a combination of the two.
  • Pop-up advertising is not permitted. The browser back button must work from the landing page linked to.
  • Ad offers and their corresponding landing page must be directly relevant to each other.
  • Ads large enough to fit branding must include it within the ad unit. All smaller ads must lead to a landing page with clear branding. Ad branding must accurately reflect the party offering the specific product or service. Ads offering multiple products from separate parties must have individual branding. Any advertisements designed to appear as editorial content must be clearly marked as “Advertisement.”
  • Ads cannot be used in connection to content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others.
  • Ads may link to social networking account pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) that are controlled by the advertiser, as long as the ad meets our other requirements. Sign-in pages should only be linked to for a specific reason, such as ads with age-restricted content.

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